Home workouts

Our home workouts make it easy for you to have an amazing all over body cardio and toning session in the comfort of your own home. We have different workouts including HIIT, Kettlebell, Step, Skipping and Legs & Bum. 

To get started with a workout simply click on the workout link below. This will open a program for this workout. To see a video with all the moves for the workout then click on the video with the corresponding workout name.

Bodyweight HIIT 1

Bodyweight HIIT 2

Bodyweight HIIT 3

Bodyweight HIIT Plyo

Kettlebell 1

Kettlebell 2

Kettlebell 3

Simply Step

Simply Skipping

Legs & Bum

Top tips!

> Download a interval timer app and have it in front of you so you can see your time and when to change moves or rest.

> On the HIIT workouts count how many reps you do on each exercise so it gives you a goal to go for the following round.

> HIIT stands for high intensity interval training so try to work hard on every exercise.