Keeping it simple

When your looking to lose weight it can be very confusing with so many mixed messages around what diets are best or what sort of exercise is best for fat burning.

The key to weight loss is keeping it simple and focusing on two main areas.

1 - Diet. Assess what your eating and make positive changes to improve your diet. It is important to remember that 70% of weight loss will account to what you eat so this will be the starting point of any weight loss goal.

2 - Moving / exercising. As well as making positive changes to what you eat, it is important to look at how much movement you are doing on a daily basis.

Keeping active is not only important for weight loss but also physical and mental health. You should be aiming to walk for at least an hour a day, whether this be at work or making the effort to go for a walk.

Exercise that requires you to get out of breath or lift a certain weight will help to increase both your fitness and metabolism to help your body burn more calories at rest.

Start your weight loss by tracking your food with the ‘my fitness pal‘ app and track your movement and exercise with any fitness tracker such as Fitbit or Apple Watch. Tracking these two key areas will help you to see what areas you need to focus on and set your goals going forward.

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