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 The future of   Training is   here ...

Personal Training from an expert coach on your smartphone

What is online training?


Online training is like having your own mini Personal Trainer on your smartphone 24 hours a day.


Your coach will start off by sending you an in depth questionnaire to find out about YOU and what goals you would like to achieve. This will allow your coach to find more about different areas such as your activity, lifestyle and eating habits. 

When your coach has received your questionnaire they will then create your tailored fitness plan, set your goals you and daily targets. This will all be available ready to go on the easy to use app within 48 hours of your coach receiving your questionarre.  


Your coach will then continue to track your progress each day and send reminders and support when needed. You will be able to message your coach anytime and ask for help you may need. 


Know EXACTLY what to do each day


Your TODAY screen has a list of tasks and workouts to complete each day (that you’ve custom designed with your Coach). 

Open the app each morning, check off the tasks when complete. 

Your coach will regularly check your progress and remind you if you forget to complete any tasks.


Online features


Tailored fitness programs


Your coach will design custom workouts based around your specific goals and equipment you have access to.

Every workout will include a description and video tutorial of each individual move with the required sets, reps or time. 

Not sure of a exercise. No problem just send a video of you performing to your coach and they will send feedback.


Nutritional support


Your coach will help you make simple effective changes to your eating habits. By tracking your daily food this will allow both yourself and your coach to see what areas of your diet can be improved.



Instant messaging with your coach


You will be able to contact your coach 24/7 with any additional support you need through the simple to use instant messaging through the app.


This is where your coach will send you messages about your progress and any other information that will help you on your fitness journey. 

Smart watch & other health app integrations


The training app will link to your smart devices and other tracking apps to allow your coach to give you the best possible support. 

Your coach will be able to see areas such as steps, food tracking and exercise completed by integrating apps such as my fitness pal and using your apple watch, fit bit or smart phone.

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