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It starts here.
Your first step to a new you!

Kick-start your fitness journey with a FREE results session – where you’ll meet your trainer, explore your goals & discover your fitness potential.


Choose the best programme for you, and get expert workout & nutrition advice, fitness sessions and all the support you need to transform your fitness, health & body – neatly fit around your home routine.


Train as long as you like with Lifetime Fitness sessions – with workouts, support & inspiration to help you keep moving and transform your health & fitness for a lifetime.


“I started training with Jack after the first lockdown was lifted. I was the heaviest I’ve ever been and doing almost zero exercise. I’m not a gym bunny, so the one-to-one approach really appealed to me.
I have now lost 4 stone in the last year and am the lightest I have ever been. Jack pushes me to work harder but it’s not boot camp. Even when I’m sweating, we still have a laugh, which really helps.


“About a year ago I decided it was time to do something about my weight, lack of fitness and raised blood pressure. I booked a free consultation and have never looked back. I now feel motivated and confident to get up off the couch and live a healthier life. I like the fact that sessions are tailored to me and each varied workout gives me the buzz to push myself a bit harder. I’m in my mid 50s, never really exercised before but now feel the best I’ve ever been. ”

“Lost my baby weight"

“After having two young children and after several lockdowns, I was the heaviest I've ever been and mentally very unhappy. It took a lot of courage to even make that first phone call and I was dreading the initial session, but Jack was really welcoming and friendly and he listened to my goals.
He knows when to encourage and push me, and also when to be supportive and understanding. I only do 1 session a week and have lost 11kg in 4 months! He really knows his stuff and I couldn't recommend him more.”

“Improved physical  & mental health”

I have been attending Cronk Fitness for about 18 months now & have never looked back. It all started when as an unfit female in my mid 50's I decided to drop the couch potato lifestyle & get back into a fitness regime that I used to enjoy in my mid 20's & improve my physical & mental well being. I wasn't body confident to join a gym, so searched for a local Personal Trainer.
My lifestyle & physical & mental health have improved beyond my expectation in the time I have been training with Cronk Fitness. We are also now connected to a wider Personal Training Community where we can share our experiences & read weekly blogs, exercise & healthy diet & lifestyle tips. 
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